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Guerilla Plays - Update

Guerilla Plays is a new company set up by
David Nicholas Wilkinson owner of Guerilla Films Limited.

After considering well over 200 established and new plays the company chose FRIENDLY FIRE written by Steve Hawes and represented by Julian Friedmann of Blake Friedmann as a debut West End production.

The play explores the complex and volatile relationship between Winston Churchill and General Charles de Gaulle who ran the Free French Army from London.

In 2002 the BBC ran a competition to determine who in the British general public’s opinion was the greatest Britain who ever lived. Having reduced this to a shortlist of ten, a series of programmes was produced presented by well-known figures putting forward their own choice. Over one million people took part in the voting and the programmes were watched by over three million people.

Winston Spencer Churchill won by a long margin with 447,423 votes.

Although Churchill died in 1965 interest in him has continued to grow. The BBC and US cable giant HBO had such an enormous success with THE GATHERING STORM that this was followed with INTO THE STORM. There are over 100 books written about Churchill or by him listed on , countless TV documentary series have been made including the highly popular CHURCHILL’S BODYGUARD. It would seem that the public’s interest in the man just cannot be sated.

Charles de Gaulle, the architect of modern France, was another giant of the 20th Century world stage. Numerous books and TV programmes have been produced about him both in France and in other countries. 

However for all the dramas and documentaries about each man individually none has looked at the relationship between these two great men.

Guerilla Plays is therefore delighted to be presenting this fascinating and highly entertaining play in the West End in 2013